Package name: (5S)-5-(naphthalen-2-ylmethyl)imidazolidine-2,4-dione

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Force-field: OPLS-AA | Code: Gromacs
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5-(2-NAPHTHYLMETHYL)-L-HYDANTOIN is an inhibitor of the Mhp1 transporter protein.

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Authors: Simmons KJ, Jackson SM, Brueckner F, Patching SG, Beckstein O, Ivanova E, Geng T, Weyand S, Drew D, Lanigan J, Sharples DJ, Sansom MS, Iwata S, Fishwick CW, Johnson AP, Cameron AD, Henderson PJ
Title: Molecular mechanism of ligand recognition by membrane transport protein, Mhp1.
Journal: EMBO J
Year: 2014 Aug 18
Volume: 33
Pages: 1831-44
DOI: 10.15252/embj.201387557
Pubmed ID:   24952894

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Topology NMH.itp bf152b503d4af0a9aa3842e262bc52ce1d729243
Structure NMH.pdb 0bcfceae320990c2cadb221e2afbef1247043a44

Compound details

Ligand code 5NL
Molecule identifier 81E4FE98D1CCF789
Displayed name (5S)-5-(naphthalen-2-ylmethyl)imidazolidine-2,4-dione
Canonical IUPAC name (5S)-5-(naphthalen-2-ylmethyl)imidazolidine-2,4-dione
Formula C14H12N2O2
Molecular weight 240.26
Charge 0
Number of atoms 30
PubChem CID 74983340
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Source collaboration with Bogdan Iorga